The New Generation Caravan & RV Flooring Solution

Complite Poly Floor is an advanced one-piece seamless caravan and RV flooring solution that is up to 40% lighter than standard 12mm plywood yet much tougher, allowing manufacturers to build lighter and stronger caravans.

By incorporating Complite Poly Floor, manufacturers can enjoy unprecedented benefits and deliver more innovative caravans and RVs:

  • Up to 40% lighter than standard plywood
  • Will endure the toughest, hottest and wettest on and off-road conditions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Improved durability increasing van resale value
  • Fully water-resistant, rust and rot-proof
  • Impact resistant
  • Will never delaminate
  • Seamless, one-piece construction
  • Enhances showroom appeal and selling point

Customised to Your Specifications

Worthington Caravan & RV can fully customise Complite Poly Floor to manufacturer’s specific size and shape requirements including complete detailing of wheel box cut outs.

Complite Poly Floor is available in either black or natural to complement the unique design of your caravans or RVs and enhance showroom appeal with a clean and modern appearance.

Complite Poly Floor Brochure (PDF)



Advanced Composite Structure

Complite Poly Floor is manufactured using an advanced composite that is available exclusively from Worthington Caravan & RV.

This advanced flooring option may involve a review of your current manufacturing and installation methods. Our dedicated technical support team of engineers have researched options and can work with you to streamline the manufacturing process.