EzyFloor Plus – The Premium Flooring Solution

EzyFloor Plus is the first enhanced one-piece flooring solution that incorporates high quality galvanised steel or aluminium on the underside of the floor to improve the strength, longevity and underbody appearance of caravans and RVs. EzyFloor Plus is ideal for manufacturers of premium caravans who want to offer customers superior products that have the strength to endure challenging environments and off-road applications.

EzyFloor Plus combines all the advantages of our EzyFloor one-piece system with additional benefits to offer a truly innovative product. Extra benefits include:

  • Eliminate inefficient in-house manual bonding processes
  • Eliminate OHS hazards such as adhesives handling, application and exposure to solvent fumes
  • Potentially save costs by increasing joist spacing
  • Enhance showroom appeal

Material Options

EzyFloor Plus is available with either galvanised steel or aluminium metal sheeting and can be manufactured using a range of plywood materials to suit your specific requirements.

EzyFloor Plus Brochure (PDF)

Galvanised Steel


Benefits Your End Customers Will Enjoy

EzyFloor Plus provides the opportunity to easily upsell to end customers by offering a unique range of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Improved quality and durability
  • Virtually zero floor deflection/floor sponginess
  • Improved under floor impact resistance
  • Increased fire resistance
  • Thermal and acoustic benefits
  • Easy to clean metal finish

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