EzyPanel Plus – Premium Flooring Panels

EzyPanel Plus is the first premium flooring option available in individual panels and kits. EzyPanel Plus combines high quality plywood with galvanised steel or aluminium sheeting on the underside to increase the durability, longevity and underbody appearance of caravans and RVs.

EzyPanel Plus is designed to improve your current manufacturing processes while saving time and providing a range of additional benefits:

  • Eliminate inefficient in-house manual bonding processes
  • Eliminate OHS hazards such as adhesives handling, application and exposure to solvent fumes
  • Streamline production
  • Enhance showroom appeal

Material Options

EzyPanel Plus is available with either galvanised steel or aluminium metal sheeting and can be manufactured using a range of plywood materials to suit your specific requirements.

EzyPanel Plus Brochure (PDF)

Galvanised Steel


A Better Product For Your End Customers

EzyPanel Plus allows caravan and RV manufacturers to offer premium products to end customers who demand first-class quality. Your customers will enjoy a range of benefits including:

  • Improved quality and durability
  • Virtually zero floor deflection/floor sponginess
  • Improved under floor impact resistance
  • Increased fire retardancy
  • Thermal and acoustic benefits
  • Easy to clean metal finish

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Fully Customisable Solutions

The EzyPanel Plus Kit is fully customised to suit your needs. Each panel is cut to a precise profile providing you with an exact fit to your chassis – no trimming necessary. It can also be enhanced with a range of value-add options:

  • Tongue and groove joining
  • Wall and wheel box rebates
  • Plumbing and wiring holes
  • Step/door cut outs
  • Pre-drilling or marking pilot holes
  • Line marking for accurate screwing positioning

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