EzyPanel Customised Flooring Panels

EzyPanel is a high quality kitted flooring system that allows manufacturers to build caravans or RVs more efficiently and safely whilst increasing van quality. EzyPanel is fully machined to fit your chassis specifications and delivered ready to install, providing a range of benefits including:

  • Save time with floors that are installed in minutes
  • Improve quality with CNC machined flooring utilising quality plywood
  • Increase safety and reduce OHS hazards (less cutting, drilling, handling)
  • Reduce material storage requirements with just-in-time delivery
  • Minimise material waste (no off cuts)

Material Options

EzyPanel is available in five quality material types to suit product requirements:

  • Eco P – The economical pine plywood floor
  • Eco Film – The economical hardwood plywood floor with a film face
  • Eco H – The economical hardwood plywood floor
  • Lite – The lightweight plywood floor option
  • Premium – The floor utilising structurally rated plywood

The high quality plywood used in all EzyPanel products is bonded using WBP or A Bond glue lines. All floors include a water-resistant coating on the underside.

EzyPanel Flyer (PDF)

Eco P

Eco Film

Eco H



Streamline Your Manufacturing Process

EzyPanel is delivered ready to install. All flooring panels are machined and trimmed to chassis length and width and include wheel box cut outs. Additional machining options include:

  • Tongue and groove joining
  • Wall and wheel box rebates
  • Plumbing and wiring holes
  • Step/door cut outs
  • Pre-drilling or marking pilot holes
  • Line marking for accurate screwing positioning

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