Panels and Materials

Caravan Walls, Floors, Panels and More!

Worthington Caravan and RV also manufacture Caravan and RV floors, walls and panels made from different materials.

We work with customers to design composite panels that provide effective solutions for specific needs. Past examples include the use of composite panels to deliver lightweight floor solutions, curved/moulded panels for fit outs, and composite bed bases. Materials can include foams, aluminium, cork, fibreglass, polypropylene and laminates.

Worthington Caravan and RV have the experience, expertise and ability to press various substrates that deliver specific characteristic or performance requirements for either your caravan or RV needs.

If you have particular caravan wall, floor, panel or other requirements please contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss possible solutions.

Curved Panels

Flat Panels

Composite Used as a Bed Base

Examples of past composite flooring and caravan wall solutions: